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A (30) Day Notice to move out must be in writing and is not in effect until is received by us. Verbal conversations or discussions with Managers or other employees have no legal effect and will not be considered Notice. Your Manager has a form you may use to give us notice or you may simply write it on a piece of paper.  You may also download the form and fax it to (562) 693-1570.  Please be sure to include the specific date which you are moving. If you do not vacate by that date, the Notice is no longer in effect and it will be necessary for you to give another (30) Day Notice.

Security deposit refunds are handled by the main office, not the property. Please do not contact the property staff about your deposit; they will not have any information for you. We want you to receive the proper accounting of your security deposit within 21 days after you vacate your apartment. It is important to leave a correct forwarding address when you vacate or notify us as soon as you can.

If you cannot view the forms online you will need to install Acrobat Reader

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